Attendance Policy and Procedures

Attendance Matters

Students need to attend school on a daily basis to succeed. Not only does regular attendance positively impact students grades but also increases the likelihood of students

completing each grade level and earning a diploma. Attendance will be reviewed several

times over the course of the year. For those with perfect or improved attendance, prizes will be awarded monthly, quarterly, and yearly.


Because of the importance of attendance and student success, students will be given the opportunity to attend class on Saturday known as Second Chance Huddle to receive credit for missing work due to unexcused absences.


For an unexcused absence students will be given a zero for all tests or other assignments that occurred during the unexcused absence. Students may only receive credit for the missed assignments after attending a Second Chance Huddle session. Students must attend one Second Chance Huddle session for each unexcused absence. Students will be responsible for signing up for a Second Chance Huddle no later than the Thursday prior to the Saturday they plan to attend. The signup form can be accessed through the Cass High Student webpage. Second Chance Huddle will begin at 9:00 and run to 12:00 each day. Students will work on all assignments for the entire time. To earn credit for assignments from a 9 week period, students must attend a Second Chance Huddle session during the 9 weeks in which the unexcused absence occurred.


Student expectation for Second Chance Huddle:

  1. Students must arrive on time.
  2. Students must come prepared bringing all necessary materials with you including but not limited to notebooks, writing utensils, paper, and calculator.
  3. Student misbehavior will NOT be tolerated. Any student who displayinappropriate behavior will be removed immediately and will not be allowed to participate in future sessions.


Parent expectations for Second Chance Huddle:

  1. Parents will ensure that their student arrives promptly. Students who arrive 15 or more minutes after the identified starting time, regardless of the reason will not ballowed to attend that session.
  2. Parents will ensure that their student is picked up promptly at the conclusion of the session. Students, who are not picked-up within 15 minutes of the identified ending time, will not be allowed to attend future sessions until the student and parents meet with administration.




Chronic attendance issues will be addressed by the administration through parent conferences and the loss of privileges, as well as referral to school social worker. Privileges that may be lost include parking permit, ability to attend school events such as sporting events or prom, and fieldtrip attendance or any other privilege as determined by the administration.